Where have we come from? And Where are we going?

The Pizza Company was the maiden venture by progressive Belfast based JDM Management. This Family run organisation set out to fill a gap in the market place for a premium, reliable and more upmarket fast food brand with in Belfast. Much more than a local chippy The Pizza Company set out to change perceptions of what a truly great chip shop can be and they began by placing quality right at the center of everything they do.

Their brand vision proved to be a popular one as Belfast customers, tired of quality being placed behind fast service in the traditional chip shops, and being surprised to find speed with unrivalled quality every time they entered the distinctive Pizza Company stores.

The team behind JDM are no strangers to hard work. “I was working for my dad from the age of 11 and he had bought the garage premises on the Stewartstown Road where my brother and I were able to start up from. Our father was involved in fast food many years ago, so I was familiar with the ins and outs of the business" said JDM Management Director jim Conlon.

With the brand image building the JDM team began an ambitious process of expansion opening a further 2 stores within a few years and plans are already well underway for a fourth sit-in store in Belfast.

The Pizza Company brand puts its staff at the center of its expansion plans. With great people come great experiences and the experience is one of the most important parts of the fast food process. Well trained and well motivated staff will be the ones who maintain the Pizza Company brand ethos of quality food, quality service at a reasonable price.

We are proud of our team of people and believe that our motivated and skilled staff. They deliver the best in customer service to all of our customers every time they visit. We want to go beyond the typical chippy.